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"Each strategy has adhered to the same, time-tested and disciplined process since its inception."

Separately Managed Accounts
Core Growth Strategy

For clients who are looking for exposure to exciting early stage investment opportunities.  For TFCM Core Growth holdings, we look to identify the world's next great growth companies: the innovators that solve problems, create new markets, and improve our world

Aspire Strategy

For clients that desire exposure to significant growth opportunities. The Aspire Strategy is a concentrated portfolio of some of the most innovative, generally smaller companies across all industries and sectors, with an emphasis in cutting-edge technology.

Income Strategy

For clients who may need more safety or income, we add an appropriate mix of less volatile, higher-yielding securities. We consider corporate equity, preferred and debt securities and REITs as well as government and municipal fixed income instruments. Our objective is to maximize income and minimize risk without sacrificing potential price appreciation.

Israeli Innovation Strategy

For clients who have an interest in cutting-edge technology, but focused specifically on Israeli companies.  Why Israel? For whatever reason, many seasoned investors are unaware that Israel has developed some of the most impressive technologies ever produced.

Mutual Fund
Venture Capital
Separately Managed Accts
Mutual Fund
Taylor Frigon Core Growth Fund

The Taylor Frigon Core Growth Fund (symbol TFCGX),  seeks long term capital appreciation. We look to invest in what we believe to be strong, well-run businesses at the leading edge of global economic trends - companies that have revenue and earnings growth that are not yet well-recognized or fully valued.  Our thorough research process is built on the Growth Stock Theory of Investing developed by Thomas Rowe Price and furthered by his colleague, Richard C. Taylor. The Fund invests in what we believe to be high-growth businesses and owns them for many years until their value is fully realized. We look to identify 40 - 50 of the world's next great growth companies: the innovators that solve problems, create new markets, and improve our world.  

Venture Capital
Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, LP

Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, LP is a private investment partnership that invests in emerging private and public companies.  As a client of TFCM, you will also have access to our venture opportunities through Taylor Frigon Capital Partners. We seek to partner with some of the greatest minds in futurist thinking and trends in innovation. And most importantly, we believe that the in-depth research conducted through TFCP, LP greatly enhances our investment decision capabilities for TFCM.


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