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Interview: TD Ameritrade interviews CIO, Gerry Frigon, on AT&T, VZ & T-Mobile earnings

Gerry Frigon shares insights on recent earnings reports on AT&T, VZ & T-Mobile.

Article Quote: Forbes Finance Council

Gerry Frigon, CIO, was quoted in a Forbes Finance Council article, discussing how (not) to time business cycles. See number 5 in the article.

Article Interview: Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed for Authority Magazine

Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed by Jason Hartman of Authority Magazine discussing the TFCM investment strategies, narrative-based investing, and TFCM's strong performance.

Quoted: Gerry Frigon, CIO in RouteFifty on Cryptocurrencies

Gerry Frigon quoted discussing the decision to invest in cryptocurrencies for long-term.

Podcast Interview: Gerry Frigon interviewed on Money Life by Chuck Jaffe

Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed on Money Life by Chuck Jaffe, discusses growing stocks and tips for smart investing.

Quoted: Gerry Frigon quoted in Forbes Finance Article

Gerry Frigon, CIO, is featured as the lead quote amongst 13 other financial experts in this Forbes Finance article discussing M&A Deal.

Article: Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed for Wealth Pro CA on SPACs

Gerry Frigon, CIO, discusses the move towards SPAC , particularly within the entrepreneurial tech space, in order to avoid the heavy regulations of going public.

Quoted: Gerry Frigon quoted in Forbes Expert Panel Article

Gerry Frigon, CIO, chosen for Forbes expert panel article on the topic of investing in companies for their long term growth potential. (quote on #3)

Article: Gerry Frigo, CIO, is interviewed by Investor's Business Daily

Gerry Frigon is asked to describe TFCM's investment approach, it's history, and how it's most effective in the market.

Highlight: Gerry Frigon's Business Insider interview is highlighted in Market Insider

Gerry Frigon's Business Insider interview is highlighted on Market Insider's "10 things you need to know before the opening bell"...

Interview/Article: Gerry Frigon recently interviewed by Business Insider (paywall)

Gerry Frigon, CIO, discusses TFCM's performance in 2020, our schema and investment approach, as well as highlights certain top-performing companies and the Morningstar ratings.

Article: Gerry Frigon shares thoughts on recent market activity

"Gerry Frigon, President & Chief Investment Officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management shares his thoughts on recent market activity, predicting businesses as opposed to the market, and his investment approach during corrections..."

Article: Gerry Frigon quoted in Wealth Pro article by James Burton

Gerry Frigon discusses why sticking with the right growing businesses throughout market cycles is the right call, following comments made in our Investment Climate report.

Article: Gerry Frigon interviewed by Wealth Professional CA

Gerry Frigon, CIO, was interviewed for this article with @WealthProCA discussing how "free" market trading and ETFs are ultimately no better than gambling, and why predicting businesses is the smarter path...

Podcast Interview: Gerry Frigon on "Money Life with Chuck Jaffe"

Gerry Frigon, CIO, was interviewed on "The Money Life with Chuck Jaffe" Chuck Jaffe once again discussing the narrative investment strategy, focusing on fertile, longstanding businesses rather than the fluctuating stock markets. Examples of these businesses are given within technology, healthcare, auto and more.
Interview starts at 38:20

Article: Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed by James Burton of Wealth Professional on Israeli market

"For those who have a business-based focus on public company investing, this should not be a deterrent, because such investors can take advantage of extreme valuations, in either direction, to appropriately rebalance portfolios. This is an approach we take and will continue to do so...."

Podcast Interview: Gerry Frigon on Indepth Investing w/ Gavin Graham

Gerry Frigon, CIO, discusses some of the advantages and strategies behind investing in Israel, and how TFCM has achieved success with the Israeli stock market.