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Podcast Interview: Gerry Frigon on "Money Life with Chuck Jaffe"


Gerry Frigon, CIO, was interviewed on "The Money Life with Chuck Jaffe" Chuck Jaffe once again discussing the narrative investment strategy, focusing on fertile, longstanding businesses rather than the fluctuating stock markets. Examples of these businesses are given within technology, healthcare, auto and more.
Interview starts at 38:20

Article: Gerry Frigon interviewed by Wealth Professional CA


Gerry Frigon, CIO, was interviewed for this article with @WealthProCA discussing how "free" market trading and ETFs are ultimately no better than gambling, and why predicting businesses is the smarter path...

Article: Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed by James Burton of Wealth Professional on Israeli market


"For those who have a business-based focus on public company investing, this should not be a deterrent, because such investors can take advantage of extreme valuations, in either direction, to appropriately rebalance portfolios. This is an approach we take and will continue to do so...."

Podcast Interview: Gerry Frigon on Indepth Investing w/ Gavin Graham


Gerry Frigon, CIO, discusses some of the advantages and strategies behind investing in Israel, and how TFCM has achieved success with the Israeli stock market.

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