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October 15, 2020

RADIO: CIO Gerry Frigon interviewed by Gavin Graham on "Indepth Investing"

Discussing how to look ahead after the year we have had, once again highlighting the importance of business narrative investing. (intv. start at 19:30)

September 09, 2020

FEATURE: TFCM featured in Emerging Manager Monthly

CIO Gerry Frigon is interviewed on TFCM's growth and outperformance, digging into the how, why, and what we do differently to perform so well - once again highlighting how TFCM prioritizes and invests in businesses rather than markets.

September 25, 2020

CIO Gerry Frigon is quoted in "The Wealth Professional" by James Burton regarding the market melt-up and predicting businesses...

"Frigon, however, is not in the business of commentating on the market. Instead, he prefers to get deep into a business to forecast how it might perform over the coming years."

August 28, 2020

BIG NEWS - TFCGX is now available on E*Trade

Taylor Frigon Cap announcing their mutual fund, TFCGX, is now available on E*Trade! The list of platforms now trading TFCGX include E*Trade, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers.

August 20, 2020

CNBC Interviews CIO Gerry Frigon on the outstanding performance of growth fund

Gerry Frigon, CIO, was recently interviewed by Pippa Stevens of CNBC on the performance of our growth fund, once again reinforcing the logic of our narrative-based investing strategy...

April 03, 2020

WATCH: Don't own Zoom? Here's the next best bet...

"Buy stocks of software companies that boost business efficiency such as AudioCodes, whose technology helps power Zoom and Skype, says growth fund manager Gerry Frigon of Taylor Frigon Capital Management..."

July 30, 2020

An Honor from George Gilder...

Recently, our firm, and specifically our CIO, Gerry Frigon, was highlighted in preeminent technologist George Gilder's "Daily Prophecy" newsletter.

August 10, 2020

Gerry Frigon, CIO, quoted in a Forbes Council article

Gerry Frigon was quoted on a Forbes Finance Council expert panel regarding smart ways to prepare for M&A in investments.

July 28, 2020

Radio Interview - Gerry Frigon, CIO, interviewed by Chuck Jaffe on "Money Life Show"

Discussing the current stock market, narrative-based investing, whether or not TFCM investment strategies changed as a result of COVID-19, and insight on what stocks/companies to be paying attention to... (interview starting at 37:50)

July 23, 2020

Why you should invest in business and not stock - Gerry Frigon, CIO, quoted in "ValueWalk"

Discussing how narrative-based investing is more important and effective, as shown by TFCM's best two months of performance in TFCM history...

July 22, 2020

Gerry Frigon, CIO, quoted on Wealth Professional regarding COVID market reponse...

"...hardest-hit businesses were those that were the most consumer-facing, and thus visible to the average person, gave the impression to most observers that things were far worse than in reality..."

July 23, 2020

CIO Gerry Frigon interviewed by Philip Vandoorn of "MarketWatch"

Discussing the latest on transformative tech trends, how they are influencing the market, and how TFCM investment strategies capitalize on them...

June 29, 2020

Radio Interview - CIO Gerry Frigon on "Pilgrim on the 405" by Will Crist

Discussion regarding the current investment climate, how businesses are faring during the pandemic, the common obstacles and restrictions facing small businesses, and more.

June 11, 2020

"The economy is not going to crash" - CIO Gerry Frigon interviewed by Karen Demasters of Financial Advisor Magazine

"The economy is not going to come crashing down because of Covid-19, but the ramifications will be felt for years to come, according to Gerry Frigon, president and chief investment officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management..."

June 15, 2020

CIO Gerry Frigon quoted on addressing outside funding

Forbes pulls from experts in the field, including TFCM CIO Gerry Frigon, on what business leaders should be asking before they decide to seek outside funding.

Don't miss Gerry's conversation with Chuck Jaffe, discussing stocks in the market call.  Listen to the full interview in the link below.

"With exorbitant costs, a shrinking workforce force and government interference defining the current landscape of the healthcare sector, one expert says those drivers will affect investments into the space as well.

Gerry Frigon, president and chief investment officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management, told the Investing News Network (INN) that companies in healthcare face headwinds that have proven to be a hurdle for the industry overall.

However, there is massive opportunity in healthcare, Frigon said, adding that within Taylor Frigon’s funds, healthcare companies make up anywhere from 25 percent to 30 percent of the firm’s portfolio."

Click below to read full interview.

"Age-old investing folklore says that risk and return are inextricably linked. If you want a higher return, you have to take more risk. An investor can't have one without the other.


But Gerry Frigon, the founder and chief investment officer of the $230 million Taylor Frigon Capital Management, doesn't adhere to that school of thought — and he's found a way to play high growth trends with less traditional risk exposure."

Click below to read the full article.

December 18, 2019

Why Is Silicon Valley Ignoring Core Technology Companies?

Gerry Frigon article in ValueWalk discussing the lack of  financing of core technology startups resulting in a persistent lack of IPOs in general.

Listen to Robert Kraft's interview with Gerry Frigon, CIO of Taylor Frigon Capital management, on the Planet MicroCap podcast where he provides "interesting takes on current market conditions, how he and his firm would tackle downturns in the market, and to learn more about Taylor Frigon Capital Management’s investment philosophy."

CFO highlights TFCM President and CIO, Gerry Frigon's comments on the inverted yield curve.  He states long term investors "should both expect interim volatility and be prepared to weather it."

American Banker: Taylor Frigon's CIO, Gerry Frigon, gives opinion on JPMorgan's plan to open 400 new branches within the next few years in an American Banker article by Andy Peters.

BNN Bloomberg interview with Gerry Frigon, president and chief investment officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management, weighs in on the decline in the number of public companies. He says that over-regulation and burdensome requirements that companies must adhere to are key factors.

Business Insider recognizes Gerry Frigon for leading the way in fund management and strategic stock picking.

Business Insider interview with Gerry Frigon's touches on his successes with stock picking and details his strategy for long term success for Taylor Frigon Core Growth Fund.

April 01, 2019

3 Ways to Avoid Being an April Fool

BNNBloomberg.CA video discussing Gerry Frigon's advice on how not to be an April Fool.

Market Watch features TFCM's CIO, Gerry Frigon, discussing his investments in tech stocks Nvidia and QuickLogic, that he feels have a successful future.

Barron's features TFCM's very own CIO, Gerry Frigon, discussing how the "central bank’s 'zero interest rate' policy following the 2008 financial crisis is overdone and has served to 'distort the concept of risk in the minds of investors'."

Valuewalk features TFCM's very own CIO, Gerry Frigon, discussing the 'tantrum' the market has about "scary headlines and prognostications of gloom."

Trader's Magazine features TFCM's very own CIO, Gerry Frigon, discussing which three investment strategies investors should avoid.

The Investors Podcast featured TFCM's very own CIO, Gerry Frigon, explaining which three investment strategies investors should avoid.

Taylor Frigon Capital Management has been awarded a Top Guns designation by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database, North America’s longest running database of investment managers.

TFCM's CIO, Gerry Frigon, was featured in Valuewalk discussing three investment strategies that one should steer clear of.

October 23, 2018

Taylor Frigon Capital Management Appoints Oahn Hall as the new Chief Compliance Officer

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, October 2018 -- Taylor Frigon Capital Management, an investment management firm based in San Luis Obispo, CA, has appointed Oanh Hall to the position of Chief Compliance Officer. The move comes as the firm continues to manage more institutional capital.


Oanh Hall became Chief Compliance Officer at TFCM after five years as the trading operations manager. She began her career as an engineer designing structures for Parsons Corporation in Boston, and submarines for General Dynamics Electric Boat in Connecticut. After moving to California, she taught Math and Science to elementary through high school students. 

Ms. Hall attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Worcester, MA and received her B.S. in Civil Engineering. She received her teacher's credential from Holy Names College, Oakland, CA. She joined Taylor Frigon Capital Management in 2013.


Gerry Frigon, President and Chief investment Officer of Taylor Frigon Capital Management ( says: “We are thrilled to have Oanh step in to this new role. Compliance is fundamental to our mission to deliver superior returns to our clients using a hands-on, active approach. Oanh is uniquely qualified to fill this role as she has been intimately involved in all aspects of the firm for the last five years, especially as trading operations manager”


Oanh Hall says: “I am looking forward to this new role on the TFCM team as we continue to serve our institutional and private clients. It is exciting to be part of this extended family as we grow together. “


About Taylor Frigon Capital Management
Taylor Frigon Capital Management (TFCM) was founded in 2006 with a mission to deliver superior returns to investors by using a disciplined, time-tested approach that finds exceptional growth companies. The firm delivers a research-driven, disciplined process to institutions, RIAs and select individuals through two primary strategies: TFCM Core Growth Strategy and TFCM Income Strategy. Additionally, Taylor Frigon manages two highly concentrated strategies: the TFCM Aspire Strategy and the TFCM Israeli Innovation Strategy. Clients also have access to venture opportunities through Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, a private investment partnership that invests in emerging private and public companies. In 2016 the firm became advisor to the TF Core Growth Fund (TFCGX), which seeks to invest in outstanding companies with excellent growth prospects and give smaller investors access to the TFCM Core Growth Strategy. 


The “Taylor” in Taylor Frigon Capital Management honors Richard C. Taylor, the Fund Portfolio Manager Gerry Frigon’s father-in-law and mentor who passed away in 2004. Mr. Taylor managed portfolios alongside the renowned investor, Thomas Rowe Price Jr., in the 1960s and 1970s before founding his own investment management firm in 1988 in Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Taylor was a highly respected, client-focused asset manager who believed that investors could earn superior returns by investing in well-managed companies. 


TFCM’s investment decisions are based on its own proprietary research. The investment management process relies upon staying fully invested in exceptional companies through multiple market and economic cycles. The firm’s strategy is not “buy and hold." The team recognizes lifecycles of companies and paradigm shifts in the economy and make changes to the portfolio accordingly. TFCM invests its own capital using the same portfolio management process that it provides to clients. 


TFCM is an independent, privately-owned SEC-registered investment advisor, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, with branches in San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

Forbes quotes Gerry Frigon, TFCM CIO, in an article about last week's market activity. "We won't let the tendencies of day traders dictate our long term investment decisions."

Gerry Frigon, TFCM's CIO, was featured in Valuewalk discussing last week's market activity: "are you going to let 1% of the shareholders of your businesses drive your decisions about what represents the true value of those businesses."

Acquisition International's awards recognize the best of the best within the finance industry.  They acknowledge the "key players, businesses and individuals whose dedicated work and tireless effort help to grow and support the world's economy."

Gerry Frigon, CIO of TFCM, quoted in InvestmentNews saying, "We would argue that in the long run, the bears are always wrong," in response to the longest bull market in history.

April 23, 2018

We are fascinated and impressed by the innovative spirit that embodies the tiny state of Israel. For whatever reason, many seasoned investors are unaware that Israel has developed some of the most impressive technologies ever produced. Gerry Frigon, CIO of TFCM, shares his insights on Central Coast's KUHL Radio. "Gerry, you're one of the only people that's bringing this message," said radio host, Andy Caldwell.

Diversifying your investments limits risk, but too much diversification limits gains while not reducing risk any further. You need to embrace risk in both public and private companies to receive the returns you desire.

August 08, 2017

Taylor Frigon Capital Management Launches New Offering for Institutions; Appoints James McConaghy as Director of Institutional Sales

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, August 8, 2017 -- Taylor Frigon Capital Management, an investment management firm based in San Luis Obispo, CA, has hired James McConaghy to head its Institutional Sales efforts. 


Mr. McConaghy was most recently with Eaton Partners in London where he covered investors across Europe. Previously Mr. McConaghy was Vice President at Credit Agricole (Calyon) in the Private Funds group, where he focused on distribution to European institutional investors. Prior to Credit Agricole, he was in Boston at Eaton Vance in the managed accounts group.


According to Gerry Frigon, President and CIO of Taylor Frigon Capital Management, “We are extremely excited to add someone with the depth of experience in the institutional investment world that James possesses, especially as we begin our effort towards attracting institutional clients to our distinct investment management services.”


Although Mr. McConaghy spent the last 15 years in London, he is a San Luis Obispo, CA native and graduated from UC Santa Barbara. James says, "It's the perfect homecoming to find a group of such a high caliber who manages money in-house, including one of the only mutual funds on the Central Coast. This team has spent many years planning for the future and are well-positioned to enter the institutional investor space."


About Taylor Frigon Capital Management

With its roots dating back to 1988, Taylor Frigon is a respected leader in investment management headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, with offices in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Taylor Frigon believes they have a particularly strong offering for institutional investors due to its nimble, highly experienced in-house research team and its ability to find investments on the cutting edge. The firm's strategy is long-term focused investments, managed in four different strategies: Core Growth Strategy, Income Strategy, Aspire Strategy, and Israeli Innovation Strategy. Taylor Frigon recently launched its first mutual fund, and offers venture capital opportunities as well. More information can be found at and


For immediate release, please contact COO Karen Taylor Frigon,

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