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"Our venture capital arm gives us a keen insight into what changes are coming that may impact the public companies we may consider for inclusion in our portfolio."

Venture Capital

Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, LP is a private investment partnership that invests in emerging private and public companies.


As a client of TFCM, you will also have access to our venture opportunities through Taylor Frigon Capital Partners. We seek to partner with some of the greatest minds in futurist thinking and trends in innovation. And most importantly, we believe that the in-depth research conducted through TFCP, LP greatly enhances our investment decision capabilities for TFCM.


Gerry Frigon, Managing Member of TFCP, LP, spoke at a recent event in San Luis Obispo, California. Watch this video as he discusses why venture capital investment has been dysfunctional in the 21st Century. 

Below are links to some of our holdings in TFCP, LP. For more information please contact us at 805-226-0280.

ASOCS Ltd. is an emerging company at the forefront of the virtualization of cellular base stations. It is the only NFV (Network Function Virtualization)-compatible, Cloud-RAN (Radio Access Network), open, virtualized base station solution. Their product is solving the “data explosion” challenge for cellular network providers and offers complete spectrum efficiency at a fraction of the cost. ASOCS “turns hardware into software”.​

HaptX builds haptic technology that enables realistic feeling in virtual reality for the first time. HaptX™ is a haptic textile that simulates lifelike touch, allowing you to feel the texture, shape, motion, vibration, and temperature of virtual objects. HaptX Skeleton is a lightweight exoskeleton that extends the realism by applying physical forces to your body. Together, these advanced haptic technologies bring virtual experiences to life with unprecedented levels of realism.

Otoy, Inc. is the definitive cloud graphics company, pioneering technology that is redefining content creation and delivery for media and entertainment companies around the world. From capture to render to stream, OTOY provides an integrated pipeline for making and distributing 3D content.

IV Access Technology, Inc. (VAT) is a private medical device company founded to develop and commercialize an innovative vascular access product: Venaglide. Venaglide is breakthrough technology that transforms the venous access experience for the patient and the caregiver. The Venaglide provides first attempt successful peripheral insertion, quickly and easily, solving the major pain points for many caregivers and patients.

Immusoft’s mission is the development of an exciting, new breakthrough platform for treating a variety of genetic diseases through a process called Immune System Programming (ISP™). Our technology enables the efficient insertion of genes encoding therapeutic proteins into patients’ immune cells (B cells / plasma cells).

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