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Karen Taylor Frigon

Principal and Chief Operating Officer

Karen Taylor Frigon has over 25 years of experience in the finance and computer industries. She developed her skills working with various companies, including Oracle Corporation. In 1992, she started her own IT consulting business before dedicating her services solely to developing and supporting systems for Gerry Frigon while he was still within Merrill Lynch, and then continued to do so as Taylor Frigon Capital Management was launched in 2006.    


Ms. Frigon received her bachelors in liberal arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Mrs. Frigon's father, Richard C. Taylor, is honored as the “Taylor” in Taylor Frigon Capital Management. Mr. Taylor managed portfolios alongside Thomas Rowe Price Jr. (T. Rowe Price) in the 60’s and 70’s, and was Gerry Frigon’s mentor until his passing in 2004.

Mrs. Frigon serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for Floriani, a sacred music men's ensemble, as well as a Pro-Life activist with Students For Life of America.

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