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Business Retirement Plans

TFCM platform for Pension Plans, Profit Sharing & 401k Plans



  • Are your employees confused by too many 401k investment choices? TFCM is simple and transparent.

  • Do you know who makes the actual investment decisions? TFCM will professionally manage your portfolios, and you will have direct access to your portfolio manager.

  • Are you aware of your fiduciary risks? As an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, TFCM understands fiduciary risks for retirement plans.

  • Do you have regular employee education meetings? TFCM provides regular presentations for education of owners & employees.


As an employer, you understand the benefit a pension, profit sharing or 401k plan can provide to your business. What’s not so obvious are the hidden costs — costs that erode investors’ ability to get the most out of their retirement savings plan. Additionally, many employees ignore the plans offered by their employer because they don’t understand how it works, or they worry about what will happen if they leave the company, or mistakenly believe you must be an investing expert to use it.


At Taylor Frigon we’ve designed a platform that is not only cost effective for smaller companies, easy to understand for business owners and employees, but also provides all of the benefits you would expect as an employer.

So you may fully understand the benefits our private clients receive, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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